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Stake NYM

Staking NYM
MIXOMANIA | EU | Saturation

How To Stake NYM

  1. You can buy native Nym tokens on e.g. the Kraken exchange. If you have ERC-20 tokens on other exchanges, you must transfer them from the Ethereum network to NYX, via the Gravity Bridge (see this article on this subject)
  2. Once you’ve purchased your tokens you will need the NYM wallet: Open the official NYM website:, download the latest version of the NYM software wallet for your operrating system and install it.
  3. Once the application is open create your account. Make sure you save your mnemonics safely and avoid keeping them on your computer or mobile. After taking note of it, check your mnemonic as requested by the software and set your password. The password must have at least 8 characters, at least on number and one symbol. Now use your password to login to your wallet.
  4. Send your NYM tokens from your preferred exchange to your NYM wallet. To find your own wallet address go to the “Balance” section of your native software wallet. Return to your exchange and withdraw your funds to your software wallet. Withdrawals are usually completed in minutes. You can view the transaction on the blockchain and your balance using the the Guru Explorer:
  5. Delegate your tokens to your desired mixnode. By delegating, you are simply giving your staking power to the mixnode (in this example stakr.NET’s). You can cancel your delegation at any time and you are the only one who has full control over your tokens: A mixnode never has access to your tokens!

Mixnode Identity (stakr.NET)
(MIXOMANIA | EU): 5mbiUjSgdLgh1XA2KH9j1U8YccvMw4EXPvajYLivbvv6

Choose the amount to delegate and always leave 1 NYM in your wallet to pay the tx fee

Approve the “Delegate Stake” button. It will take a few seconds (< 10sec) to confirm your transaction. The process is complete! It can take up to an hour to take effect. Keep in mind that delegated tokens are NOT reflected in your balance on the NYM software. If you want to check your delegated or claimable amount, use the explorer and search for your address:

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